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Asbestos is lethal. It is still one of the top 10 most common causes of death in the UK more than twenty years since its use was banned.

Around 40% of asbestos taken to landfill is in the form of roof sheets. Removing asbestos roof sheets involves dumping them into a skip and then tipping the skip into a hole in the ground. This is not a safe or sustainable approach. Until now there has been no alternative to leaving this problem for future generations to resolve. By diverting asbestos away from landfill, Thermal Recycling resolves the problem. We collect asbestos and bring it to our site in Wolverhampton. Currently we can accept only asbestos roof sheets containing chrysotile. We plan to get approval to extend the type and forms of asbestos that we can accept.

We require the asbestos sheets to be put into specially designed bags, before being loaded for delivery to our plant.

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