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We are the first business in the world to build a plant to denature industrial quantities of asbestos in a commercially viable way.

Our purpose is to divert as much asbestos away from landfill as possible. Reducing the amount of hazardous waste sent to landfill makes an important contribution to building a more sustainable construction industry.

We collect asbestos roof sheets containing chrysotile and bring them to our demonstration plant in Wolverhampton. We use a scientific process called denaturing to convert asbestos containing material to a new material. We then produce a sustainable aggregate using the new material. See detailed video.




Everything we do is driven by science. From precise, controlled application of thermal technology to the testing procedures that prove the new substance we create is asbestos free. We have used Polarised Light Microscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Transmission Electron Microscopy, XRay Diffraction and XRay Flourescence in our tests.


We convert asbestos containing material into a new, safe substance that does not contain asbestos. This can be used to produce a sustainable aggregate and means that we are part of the new Circular Economy.


We have an Environment Agency permit to treat 29,500 tonnes a year of cement bonded asbestos containing chrysotile. We have built our demonstration plant as a first step to prove that we can safely treat asbestos. We are also in close contact with the HSE and have used their facility in Buxton to analyse the treated material.


Thermal Recycling has built the first plant in the world to denature asbestos on an industrial scale in a commercially viable way. We are learning multiple lessons from operating our demonstration plant that will ensure that our full scale plant will enable us to offer a genuine and better alternative to landfill.


Our business is built around sustainability and we constantly looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint. We off-set all of our emissions by investing only in Gold Standard non-governmental emissions projects. Details of our investments can be seen in the News section.


Until now it has been impossible to meet zero to landfill objectives if you dispose of asbestos. By sending it to Thermal Recycling it is now possible. For Thermal Recycling to become the disposal method of choice we need the support of the asbestos industry to help to achieve the goal we all share of Zero to Landfill.



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