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Asbestos is a dangerous human carcinogen and by converting it into a new asbestos free substance, rather than burying it in the ground we can make the world a better and safer place.

We are a circular economy business and it is important that we are also a net zero producer.

The best way of reducing emissions is to avoid producing them. We are constantly looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint, such as reducing the number of journeys made and maximising the efficiency of our transport and logistics operations. We cannot completely eliminate our emissions but we do everything possible to reduce them.

There is currently no alternative for us to using gas to power our treatment facility. Our demonstration plant uses gas very efficiently and our first full scale plant will enable us to introduce additional technologies which will make us even more efficient. We cannot however totally avoid producing carbon emissions and we have developed a strategy to off-set our emissions.

The EU produced an analysis of off-set projects. The analysis concluded that 85% of the off-set projects covered in their analysis have a low likelihood that forecast emission reductions of these projects are additional and are not over-estimated.

They also concluded that projects that are most likely to deliver real, measurable and additional emission reductions are industrial gas projects, methane projects and biomass power projects.

We have decided that to off-set all of our emissions we will invest only in Gold Standard non-governmental emissions projects that are as consistent as possible with the type of projects identified by the EU as having the greatest chance of delivering real benefits.

Details of our investments can be seen in the News section.

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