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British Science Week Published: 14th of March 2023

It is British Science Week. I have worked for over forty years but it is only in the last three years that I have had any significant involvement with science, technology and engineering. As part of British Science Week I thought it may be interesting to hear some observations about science from a non-scientist.

What's in a Name? Published: 22nd of November 2022

Names are important.
Do you know why asbestos is called asbestos? Apparently, the term was first used in England in the fourteenth century and it came from the Greek meaning inextinguishable or unquenchable.
Over the years I have started a number of businesses. A challenge is always to think up a good name for the business.
There are a limited number of options when thinking of a company name. Should it be eponymous – for example Kellogs, Richer Sounds? Should it be evocative – Apple, Virgin? Should it be descriptive – the Post Office, Money Supermarket? Should it be an acronym – KFC, Asda? Should it be a made-up word because none of the other options were viable – Cadent, Arriva?

Recycling Asbestos Waste Published: 20th of October 2022

If your business produces or handles waste, you need to take all measures that are reasonable in the circumstances to apply the waste hierarchy to prevent waste and to apply the hierarchy as a priority order, when you transfer your waste to another person.

Cleantech in the West Midlands Published: 6th of October 2022

The National Brownfield Institute is at the heart of the new Wolverhampton University campus. “Our dream,” says Professor Mohammed Arif, head of the school of architecture and built environment in an interview with Construction News, thumping the table for emphasis, “is why not make this region the Silicon Valley of brownfield work?...I’m quite confident; when [brownfield regeneration] flies off, what you will see is – because we will have so much expertise and databases here – small consultancies and laboratories will open up in this region,” Arif continues. “We will act like the mothership for them…If you think about the history of Silicon Valley, that’s how it started. There were [a] few big players and then lots of little players that grew around it. Now it’s famous….As for the name, Karodia and Arif throw a few suggestions around. ‘Brownfield valley’ sounds odd and ‘asbestos valley’ sends the wrong message so they settle on the tongue-in-cheek ‘asbestos-free valley’.”

Thermal Recycling at Asbestonomy 2022 Published: 17th of June 2022

Our Chairman, Graham Gould, was invited to speak at the first Asbestonomy Conference, a new event for asbestos professionals from all over the world. He spoke about how as an innovative business with a solution to a global problem, Thermal Recycling wants to ensure that its solution is widely adopted to ensure that as much asbestos as possible is diverted away from landfill.

NFRC Newsletter Published: 11th of April 2022

We are delighted that our work with Northern Roofing and their clients has been recognised by the National Federation of Roofing Contractors.


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