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Thermal recycling collaborates with Lovell - first UK housing developer to divert asbestos away from landfill

“Asbestos doesn’t need to be sent to landfill anymore.  The housebuilding industry should follow Lovell’s example, change processes and practices, commit to being proactive, and tackle the challenge of asbestos waste” said Graham Gould, Chairman Thermal Recycling.

Lovell is the first UK housing developer to collaborate with Thermal Recycling and divert asbestos away from landfill.  Thermal Recycling and Lovell completed a pilot project under a licence from the Environment Agency, assisted by Wolverhampton University. The pilot was a success with asbestos removed from three demolished buildings at Lovell’s Castleward development in Derby city centre.

Wolverhampton-based Thermal Recycling opened its demonstration plant in September 2020 to provide a socially and environmentally responsible alternative to asbestos disposal.  The company diverts asbestos away from landfill, converts it into a new material that does not contain asbestos, and produces a sustainable aggregate.  

Steve Jones, regional health safety and environmental manager for Lovell Midlands, said: “We have made a commitment to move towards reducing the amount of asbestos going to landfill.  As such, this was an important environmental initiative for us to trial with Thermal Recycling and one that has proven that it is possible to solve the problems asbestos poses to the industry and future generations. This is a great step in our approach to circular economy, ensuring materials are recycled and reused rather than taken to landfill.”

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