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Welcome to Thermal Recycling

18 March 2019
Thermal Recycling

Welcome to Thermal Recycling

It is astounding that in 2019 virtually all asbestos that is removed from buildings is still disposed of in landfill sites. This simply stores the problem for future generations as the asbestos is still present and is still, potentially, a risk to life. In England and Wales at least 250,000 tonnes of asbestos containing material is taken to landfill every year.

At Thermal Recycling we can now change this. We are in the process of building what we believe to be the world’s first commercially viable plant that not only destroys asbestos fibres, but the treated product has a wide range of uses as an aggregate. Our gate price will be no more than taking the asbestos to a landfill site. It means that a more sustainable solution to the problem of disposing of asbestos is now possible at no additional cost.

Our demonstration plant will open in Wolverhampton in Summer of this year (2019). We are currently building the kiln which is at the heart of the treatment system which we have been developing and improving for over a decade. Next month on-site installation of the kiln will begin. We have given the kiln the nickname of “Bestie” as it will be a friend of the environment. We hope, ultimately, to have a network of treatment plants across the UK and around the world.

We have all of the permissions and licences necessary to treat up to 29,500 tonnes a year at our Wolverhampton site and our aim is to move from the demonstration plant to a full-size plant as soon as possible. To do this we will need the support of the asbestos industry, landlords and the public and private sector. We know that we are not alone in wanting to ensure that the days of burying asbestos in the ground come to an end as soon as possible. We hope that everyone involved with asbestos will engage with us to ensure that this day comes sooner rather than later.

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