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Turning the Circular Economy Vision into Reality

1 April 2019
Circular Economy

Turning the Circular Economy Vision into Reality

Whilst all organisations must take into account the waste hierarchy when choosing a waste management option for their waste, when it comes to asbestos until now no alternative to landfill has been available.

Thermal Recycling has developed, what we believe to be, the world’s first commercially viable method of treating asbestos. Our treatment destroys asbestos fibres through denaturing and produces an end product that can be used as a construction material. Our approach is another step in turning the circular economy into reality.

Whether you are in construction or demolition, asbestos remediation or asbestos removal or the public or private sector it is important that you should be aware of Thermal Recycling as a more sustainable approach to dealing with asbestos.

Introducing a new Sustainable Approach for Dealing with Asbestos

We are aiming to introduce a completely new approach to dealing with asbestos, including the way that asbestos is handled. We will use specially designed double bags to increase the ease and safety of handling asbestos. We have developed a state of the art filter system and we are currently building a demonstration kiln with a capacity of 3,750 tonnes. The kiln has a burner system that is used in the manufacture of jet turbines where there is no margin for error.

We believe that our approach to treating asbestos will be transformational. Our goal is to build a full scale kiln as soon as possible. Our initial aim is to create awareness of what we are doing and we are keen to engage with everyone with a commitment to finding a better way of dealing with asbestos.

Our demonstration plant will be commissioned this Summer and if you are interested in keeping updated with our progress and visiting the plant once it is open please go to our website and register.