Treating asbestos: Thermal Recycling has all the permissions, approvals and funding to open a demonstration plant with initial annual capacity to denature 3,750 tonnes of asbestos. The plant will open in Wolverhampton in September 2020 and will operate using the same processes and procedures that will be used in a full-scale plant.

In a comprehensive global study commissioned by the Flemish government entitled “State of the Art: Asbestos” the conclusion was that “one technique [for treating asbestos] clearly outruns the other alternatives, namely denaturation”.

Asbestos is treated using the latest developments in thermal technology. These developments mean that energy consumption is kept to a minimum and heat is applied to extremely precise tolerances consistently throughout the process. Our state of the art control system confirms whether the process of denaturation has completed successfully for each batch of asbestos that is treated.

The THERMAL RECYCLING technology used in the kiln is part of an integrated treatment approach which includes material handling, testing and filtration to ensure that our workforce is not at risk and the recycled product is 100% safe for reuse. Our intention is to obtain an “end of waste” confirmation from the Environment Agency.