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Our Journey

18 April 2019

Our Journey

The journey to launch Thermal Recycling started over ten years ago. It started by proving that it was possible to denature asbestos using thermal technology. It was achieved using a small kiln and a lot of patience. Since then we have got permission from the Environmental Agency for a treatment plant that can process up to 29,500 tonnes. We have found premises with a helpful landlord and have been able to get planning permission so that we have a plant from which to operate. We have convinced sufficient investors to believe that it is possible to create the first commercially viable plant to transform asbestos into an aggregate. We have now almost finished building the kiln which is at the heart of a state of the art, integrated system, for treating asbestos. The system includes an after burner, hot and cold filters and specially designed stillages.

The kiln employs technology that is used in the same kilns that fires the turbine blades in jet engines. Its control system means that the firing cycle that denatures the asbestos is exactly the same every time. Temperatures within the kiln are measured and recorded throughout every firing which means we can be certain that the firing has worked, and that the asbestos has been denatured. Every batch of treated material is extensively sampled at an independent laboratory to confirm that it contains no asbestos fibres.

Seeing the kiln being built and now seeing it almost complete feels like all the hard work and the many years it has taken to get to this point has been worthwhile. It will still take more time to install the kiln and to commissioning it, but the day that we get the test results back from the first firing is getting closer.

For more information about our process, the kiln, or how you can get involved, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Together we can change asbestos disposal in the UK.