Latest News We can denature asbestos at no greater cost than taking it to landfill

We can denature asbestos at no greater cost than taking it to landfill

13 May 2019
Denature Asbestos

We can denature asbestos at no greater cost than taking it to landfill

An early piece of advice we were given by a senior person in the waste management industry regarding Thermal Recycling was “if you can have a more environmentally alternative to landfill at no additional cost then you are on to a winner, but you will find that people will be reluctant to paying a premium for it”. In fact, he used rather more fruity language than that, but the message was clear.

It is a message that we have taken on board and we are confident that we will be able to offer our service of denaturing asbestos at a price that is no higher than landfill.

As a new business inevitably there are some things that we know and some things we still need to find out. We know that we can denature asbestos. We know that we have spent a seven figure sum building the prototype treatment system we will use in the demonstration plant. We know that the kiln, which is at the heart of our treatment system, is incredibly energy efficient and that it operates consistently to very fine tolerances.

The things we don’t know, we will know once we have commissioned the treatment system. At the moment, we do not know exactly how much asbestos can be denatured during each firing cycle. We do not know how long each firing cycle will last. We do not know the most efficient way of loading and unloading the kiln. Whilst we do know the properties of the treated material and that this material can be used as an aggregate we do not yet know what other uses the treated material may have. Our aim is for Thermal Recycling to be a true circular business taking in one material – asbestos – and producing a different product or products which can be successful in their own markets.

Whatever we learn during and after the commissioning process, the early piece of advice is at the forefront of our minds.

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