Latest News Let’s work together – asbestos no longer needs to be buried in landfill

Let’s work together – asbestos no longer needs to be buried in landfill

29 April 2019
Asbestos Disposal

Let’s work together – asbestos no longer needs to be buried in landfill

We all know that burying a hazardous material in the ground, is something we would do only if there was no alternative. Well, there is now an alternative. We are opening a demonstration plant this Summer which will showcase our technology which denatures asbestos and creates a harmless aggregate. Our aim is to build a network of plants across the UK so that asbestos no longer needs to be buried. We know that for our approach to catch on, it needs to cost no more than taking asbestos to a landfill site, and it won’t. What we need from you is a commitment that if we build these plants, you will use them.

Using thermal recycling we can completely denature asbestos waste

Using the latest thermal technology, we now have the ability to completely denature asbestos waste, removing all traces of the hazardous substance. Once the waste in question has been treated, we are left with a safe to use aggregate than has a number of potential uses in the construction industry.

Initially we will be accepting building materials containing chrysotile such as roofing and drainage pipes.

Asbestos disposal is changing

Until now, contractors, landlords and property managers have had no choice but to dispose of asbestos in designated landfill sites. With waste disposal at the heart of many environmental concerns worldwide, this simply isn’t good enough. We have been working for ten years to get Environmental Agency approval, planning permission and funding to be able to build the world’s first viable asbestos treatment plant. We now have everything in place to do that.

Rather than burying the waste, we treat the waste in our specially developed, state of the art kiln which has a firing cycle that is programmed to denature asbestos. The kiln itself features a burner system that is used in the manufacture of jet turbines where there is no margin for error. The kiln is part of an integrated system including a range of filters and after burners that completely eradicate all traces of the substance, safely and securely. To protect those handling the waste and the surrounding environment, we will be using specially designed double bags to safely and easily handle asbestos contaminated items.

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It’s a very exciting time here at Thermal Recycling as we are currently building a demonstration kiln with a capacity of 3,750 tonnes. The plant will be commissioned this summer.

We know we are not alone in striving for a safer and more efficient solution to asbestos. To make a real difference however we do need the support of the asbestos industry and the public and private sector. Particularly we need to know that if we can treat asbestos in a sustainable way, with a price that is no more than that of a landfill site, that you would bring your asbestos to us.

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